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NITECORE Summit 20000 Power Bank, 20,000mAh for Low Temperatures

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The Nitecore Summit 20000 power bank offers a high-capacity energy of 20000mAh, paired with an impressive low temperature resistance of -40°C/F. Unlike other power banks that lose efficiency in cold temperatures, the Summit 20000 can still charge a modern Phone up to 4.6 times even on top of Mount Everest. Equipped with dual ports, the Summit 20000 features a QC PD USB-C port capable of fast-charging the power bank itself or other devices at 18W and 20W respectively. It also comes with a USB-A QC output port, allowing for the charging of other electronic devices. The Nitecore Summit 20000 power bank is crafted with a unibody carbon fiber shell, making it both sturdy and exceptionally lightweight, tipping the scales at just 10.69 ounces. Its seamless design not only renders it impact-resistant up to 1.5 meters, but it's also rated IPx5 water-resistant, perfect for outdoor adventures. When temperatures drop below freezing, the Summit 20000's intelligent heating function activates, consuming ultra-low power to maintain optimal temperature and prevent power loss or inefficiency. The Summit 20000 also includes an insulated carrying bag and a reliable braided USB-C to C cable for seamless power transfer. If you're aiming for the top, make sure you bring along the Nitecore Summit 20000 power bank.