About Us

Good Nite Gear is an garage based online retail business founded in 2022 in Redondo Beach, California by me, Kyle Moran, also known as Urban Survivor on YouTube. You can check out the the channel to learn more about me and stay up to date with some of the new items available at Good Nite Gear.

I wanted to try my passion for reviewing everyday carry, outdoor and survival related gear like flashlights, night vision devices, solar panels, power stations, walkie talkies and more into a more legitimate business and launching my own storefront was the next step in this journey. 

We have shipped over 1000 orders since our start and are continuing to grow each month. Thank you to my YouTube subscribers who have been great supporters of Good Nite Gear and have helped me bring this business to the next level.

Since then, the store has partnered with many other businesses to supply you with awesome gear at a very affordable price. I strive to keep our store up to date with the latest gear and test out most of it myself and would only sell something to my customers I would also use myself. The plan is to expand into additional product categories in 2024, so be on the lookout for a lot more items added to the store.

I also have an eBay storefront where you can find great deals on very gently used gear from some of my YouTube reviews. You can check out that store here

Thank you for supporting Good Nite Gear and feel free to call (310)766-3669 or email me goodnitegearshop@gmail.com with any questions as you browse the website. 

Kyle Moran
Founder of Good Nite Gear, LLC.