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Headset headband with a new process of headband cover cloth removable headband to improve the comfort of wearing

Headset microphone can be interchangeable left and right, button open the screw that holds the microphone, you can install the Microphone on the other side.

The headset is equipped with a helmet ARC track adapter, unbuckle the headband headset bracket and headband, and then install the helmet bracket adapter to the headset. Headband headset easily converted to helmet bracket version headset
Compatible with ARC track helmets, such as FAST series helmets, ACH series helmets, MICH helmets.

The headset has three modes: normal/noise/quiet mode

In normal/noise mode, long press the function button to switch between normal/noise mode, in silent mode can not switch between the two modes.

1.Function: pick up and noise reduction 2.Silicone earmuffs 3.Suit for FAST series helmets 4.Detachable microphone for both lefty or righty assembly 5.Can choose Mute mode 6.Powered by 2 *AAA batteries