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RovyVon Angel Eyes E8 Versatile Hybrid Keychain Flashlight

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💡 LED: Luminus SST-20  / Side Auxiliary LEDs: Warm white x2 + 365nm UV
🌈 Color Temperature: 6500K
🔥 Max Output: 700 lumens
📍 Beam Distance : 70 meters
🎯 Intensity: 1300 candela
⏲️ Max Runtime: 62 hours (Li-po)
🖥️ UI: 4 Primary Outputs + Strobe / Aux White (high and low) + UV
🔘 Switch: Dual Side Switch
🔦 Body Material: Polycarbonate (body) 7075 AL (head)
💧 Water Resistance: IPX6
⚖️ Weight : 41g (no Battery)
📏 Dimensions: 66.1mm(L) x 27.5mm(W) x 13.5mm(H)
⚡ Charging: USB-C
🔋 Battery: 330mAh Built in Li-po + AAA (not included)

From now on, we can call it REAL sidelight - the first time RovyVon makes it possible to have LEDs on the side on a rectangle form factor keychain flashlight, and here it is - the Angle Eyes E8. It's a hard journey to get the E8 here, much words to say, but finally, we can release it as scheduled.

The E8 keychain light uses the same concept as RovyVon's hybrid battery system and the body is made of polycarbonate with a clear window, you can see the parts inside, it uses an AAA replaceable battery for extended use if it's not able to charge the built-in 330mAh Li-po battery via a USB-C device or power supply.

On the left side, there're 3 LEDs as the secondary options besides the primary LEDs.



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