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RovyVon Aurora A8 USB-C Keychain Flashlight (Gen 3) with Sidelight (UV + Red + White)

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💡 LED: Luminus SST-20 or Nichia 219C / Sidelight (UV + Red + White)
🌈 Color Temperature: 6500K (SST-20) / 5000K (219C)
☀️ CRI: 90 (Nichia 219C)
🔥 Max Output: 650 Lumens (SST-20) / 420 Lumens(219C)
📍 Beam Distance : 110m (SST-20) / 70m (219C)
🎯 Intensity: 2500 candela (SST-20) / 1200 candela(219C)
⏲️ Max Runtime: 72 hours
🖥️ UI: 4 Primary Outputs + Strobe / AUX: 3 White + UV
🔘 Switch: Side
🔦 Body Material: Polycarbonate
⚖️ Weight : 17g / 0.6oz
📏 Dimensions: 60.5mm/2.38”Long, Diameter: 15.6mm/0.61”
⚡ Charging: USB-C
🔋 Battery:  330 mAh Li-Po battery

The 3rd generation Aurora A8 utilizes a high-performance cool white LED that delivers a max output of 650 lumens or a Nichia 219C high CRI LED that delivers a max of 450 lumens. You can choose the sidelights from UV/Red/White - the UV wavelength is 365nm that could read banknotes, and the white color temperature is 4000K warm white; or Amber/Red/Blue. 

It has a built-in 330mAh Lipo rechargeable battery and can be fully charged via the USB-C port in 1 hour. It supports a long runtime - the moonlight mode (0.5lm) of the front LED can last 72 hours and the white low mode of the sidelight (A8U) lasts 12 hours. 

Another improvement of the 3rd generation Aurora A8 is the magnet hands-free capability, we redesigned the pocket clip (RA03) and tail loop to make the clip have a magnet integrated and the loop could attach a magnetic buckle (RA30). 

Accessories: User manual, Warranty card, RA03 magnetic clip, RA30 magnetic tail buckle, Keyring.