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Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini 165LM 590M 14500 LEP Mini Flashlight (Aluminum/ Titanium)

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Introducing the Lumintop Ant-Man & Thor Mini LEP Flashlight - the ultimate companion for your outdoor adventures! With an impressive 165 lumens and a beam distance of 590 meters, this mini flashlight is powered by a 14500 rechargeable battery! making it not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly.

Experience the power of LEP (Laser Excited Phosphosphor) technology, which provides a bright and focused beam of light, making it easier to see great distances in the dark for long periods of time. Experience the convenience of having a high-quality flashlight at your fingertips whenever you need it. 

💡 : White laser emitter 6W (Max) Aluminum / 8.4W (Max) Titanium
🔥 Max Output: 165 lumens Aluminum / 300 Lumens Titanium
📍 Beam Distance : 590 meters Aluminum / 700m Titanium
🎯 Intensity: 87025 candela Aluminum / 122600 cd Titanium
⏲️ Max Runtime: 62Min (3.7V/1100mAh 14500 Li-ion)
🔘 Switch: Rear forward clicky
💥 Impact: 1m
💧 Water Resistance: IPX-8
⚖️ Weight : 62g Al / 90g Ti
📏 Dimensions: 100*22*19mm (Length*headØ*tubeØ)
🔋 Battery: The battery included battery is the Lumintop 3.7V/920mAh 14500 Li-ion with a built-in Type C charging port.

    Operation Instruction
    • Momentory ON: Half-press the switch
    • Constant ON: Fully press the switch
    • OFF: Fully press the switch

    1) This device is a super high-intensity flashlight. To avoid potential injury, it is forbidden to shoot directly to the eyes.
    2) Keep out of reach of children.

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