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NVG10 IR Tactical Digital Night Vision Monocular ๐ŸŒ•

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Introducing the NVG10 IR Tactical Night Vision Monocular with Helmet - the ultimate tool for your nighttime tactical operations. Equipped with high-performance infrared technology, this night vision monocular delivers crystal clear images even in the darkest environments. The durable helmet mount allows for hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to focus on your mission. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, a military professional, or a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, the NVG10 IR Tactical Night Vision Monocular is the perfect tool to enhance your nighttime capabilities. Order now and experience the unbeatable performance of this top-of-the-line night vision monocular.


๐ŸŽฅ HD Image Resolution

๐Ÿ“บ black & white or Green

๐ŸŒ Wifi transmission

๐Ÿงญ Electroic gyroscope

๐Ÿช– support helmet adapter

๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ full new operating system

๐Ÿ’งIP66 waterproof and dustproof

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1. Image resolution: ultra-definition resolution, you can shoot and record ultra-definition pictures and video files.

2. Image mode: There are two image modes, black and white/fluorescent green, to restore the night effect of the image enhancement tube.

3. Night vision effect: professional night vision mode, can be used in a completely dark environment, under starlight illumination without turning on the infrared light, can work and walk close at night; see all details clearly when the nearest working distance is 20cm

4. Wifi transmission: can transmit ultra-clear images to mobile devices via wifi for collaborative work

5. Electronic gyroscope: It can display real-time position data on the display screen, such as NW7ยฐ, N89ยฐ and other position data, to avoid getting lost, and provide position data for companions in collaboration

6. Head-mounted adapter: special tipping bucket bracket, super stable, can change a variety of angles, adapt to different users

7. Brand-new operating system: stronger plasticity, can support customers' multiple OEMs, increase multiple languages, automatic shutdown settings and other functions

8. Waterproof and dustproof grade: IP66 protection grade


Optic Zoom: 1x

Digital Zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x and 6x

Optical Lens Size: 17.5MM

Optical Lens: waterproof IP66 and working temperature: -40 to +50 โ„ƒ

Blue cover on lens: booster night vision

Field of View: 25.5 x 14.5ยฐ

Eyepiece Adjustment Range: +2 ~ -5D

Low Light Observation Distance: 200m/656feet/219yard

Darkness Observation Distance: 100m

LCD Display Size: 0.38โ€

LCD Display Definition: 1920*1080p

CMOS Sensor Size: 1/2"(big size than normal 1/3" or 1/2.7")

Video Resolution: 1920*1080p: 30fps

WIFI Function: support

850nm Lamp: 1w

IR Level: 1,2,3

Waterproof: IP66

Battery Type: rechargeable battery(18650)*1pcs(included)

Night Working Hours( APP and lamp ON): 3 hours

Night Working Hours( WIFI ON): 5 hours

Menu Language

Simplied Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, English, French, Spanish,Portuguese Italian and German

Package List

1* Night Vision Monocular

1* 18650 Battery

1* USB Cable

1* Power Adapter

1* Battery Charger

1* Black Lens Cover

1* Paper Manual

1* Cleaning Cloth

1* FAST Helmet mount


Manufacturer recommends using roadcam app but we have had more reliability with the B1MCAM app.

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