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NVG30 Digital Night Vision Monocular 🌕

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Introducing the NVG30 Digital Night Vision Monocular - the best digital night vision for the money and under $500, this is the ultimate tool for your nighttime tactical operations. Equipped with high-performance infrared technology, this night vision monocular delivers crystal clear images even in the darkest environments.  Whether you're a law enforcement officer, a military professional, or a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, the NVG30 monocular nvg is the perfect tool to enhance your nighttime capabilities. Order now and experience the unbeatable performance of this top-of-the-line night vision monocular.


🎥 HD Image Resolution 2560 x 1440 with OLED with SD Video Recording

📺 Color, black&white, fluorescent viewing modes

🌕 Observation distance in full darkness - 100m

🌟 Maximum effective observation distance in the starlight - 250-300m

Sensor: Ultra-low illuminance CMOS
Sensor Resolution: 2560 x 1440 
Frame rate(HZ): 30/40FPS (no wifi at 40FPS)
Display Type: OLED
Display Resolution: 1920x1080
Objective diameter: 20mm
Eyepiece diameter: 23mm
Basic optical magnification: 1x
FOV: 40°
Daytime Observation Distance: 0.2m-∞
Observation distance in Complete Darkness using IR: Up to 100m
Maximum effective observation distance in the starlight: 250m-300m
Digital Zoom: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x
Language: 9 Kinds
4 Color Modes: Color, Black and White, Green Phosphor, White Phosphor
IR Illuminator: 940nm 1W with 3 output levels
Protection level (IP code) (IEC60529) : IPX7
Work temperature (℃) :-25 – +50
Battery Type : 18650
Battery Life: 3-6 Hours Depending on IR usage
Charging : USB-C
Housing Material : Enhanced ABS
Size (mm): 125×53×72
Weight (g) : 237g


Video Recordingto micro sd (8-64GB), Video Playback, Display brightness adjustment, Loop Video Recording, Auto power off, time setting, Picture in Picture(PIP), Reticle Switch, UI switch, Auto IR Lighting, Electronic Compass, Combine for Binoculars,

NVG30 digital night vision is the same product as NVG20, different dealers are referring to it as the same product. There may be inconsistencies between manuals and the software has been updated from the product shown in the review video batch, so the menu options might be different, but the specs and functionality are identical. 

Package List

1* Digital Night Vision Monocular NVG (BINOCK firmware)

1* 18650 Battery

1* USB Cable

1* Helmet Mount

1* Manual

Can you shoot with the NVG30?

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How to Setup Wifi video Recording with TRVCam on NVG30 - 

Check out the Helmet Mount 

Helmet can be purchased seperately... With helmet option refers to our FAST Helmet with Ear Cover but other options are available here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Great night vision for the price!


Seller is awesome guy to deal with


NVG30 with helmet works great, especially at the 500 USD price point (a touch more if a helmet is purchased too). Different color modes make for interesting night exploration. Works well with external IR illuminator and for encl8sed areas the built in IR does well indoors and enclosed spaces that lack ambiant light.

My only gripe is it working in less than a month. Gone through standard trouble shooting (battery swaps, external power, cable swaps...etc.). No, dice, it's dead. O course, this is likely a fluke. Hope to see if I can get it worked out.


Totally pleased with the nvg30 it exceeded my expectations


For digital night vision, I have been very pleasantly surprised. Not only that, but Kyle at Goodnight Gear, was exceptionally helpful. The instructions are not particularly intuitive, especially for an old analog guy. Kyle was clutch!