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NVG40 Pro Digital Night Vision Monocular

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The NVG40 pro digital night vision monocular from BINOCK is an upgrade to the NVG40 and is another cost effective digital low light device and is an great option for those of you looking to for an affordable infrared night vision. 

1. OLED round screen, rich colors, close to human eyes, good observation effect
2. Large field of view, screen display field of view 25.8 degrees, video recording
can reach 45.8 degrees
3. Among the current night vision helmets, this product is closest to the 1:1 ratio
and the closest to what the human eye sees
4. Dual infrared lights can be switched, 850NM lights can illuminate farther and
940NM lights are more concealed
5. Can be adapted to use a variety of helmet brackets
6. Compass function
7. Super night vision function
8. WIFI function
9. Gyroscope anti-shake function Optical magnification 1X

Helmet and mount not included but are available as an upgrade. Mounting arm with dovetail and memory card is included. 


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