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RovyVon Aurora A8 USB-C Keychain Flashlight (Gen 4) with Sidelight (UV + Red + White)

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💡 LED: Luminus SST-20 or Nichia 219C / Sidelight (UV + Red + White)
🌈 Color Temperature: 6500K (SST-20) / 5000K (219C)
☀️ CRI: 90 (Nichia 219C)
🔥 Max Output: 650 Lumens (SST-20) / 420 Lumens(219C)
📍 Beam Distance : 110m (SST-20) / 70m (219C)
🎯 Intensity: 2500 candela (SST-20) / 1200 candela(219C)
⏲️ Max Runtime: 72 hours
🖥️ UI: 4 Primary Outputs + Strobe / AUX: 3 White + UV
🔘 Switch: Side
🔦 Body Material: Polycarbonate
⚖️ Weight : 17g / 0.6oz
📏 Dimensions: 60.5mm/2.38”Long, Diameter: 15.6mm/0.61”
⚡ Charging: USB-C
🔋 Battery:  330 mAh Li-Po battery

The 4th generation Aurora A8 has a metal switch for better experience, it utilizes a high-performance cool white LED that delivers a max output of 650 lumens or a Nichia 219C high CRI LED that delivers a max of 420 lumens. You can choose the sidelights from UV/Red/White - the UV wavelength is 365nm that could read banknotes, and the white color temperature is 4000K warm white; or Amber/Red/Blue (A8Y). 

It has a built-in 330mAh Lipo rechargeable battery and can be fully charged via the USB-C port in 1 hour. It supports a long runtime - the front LED's moonlight mode (0.5lm) can last 72 hours and the white low mode of the sidelight (A8U & A8UR) lasts 12 hours. 

Another improvement of the 4th generation Aurora A8 is the magnet hands-free capability, we redesigned the pocket clip (RA03) and tail loop to make the clip have a magnet integrated and the loop could attach a magnetic buckle (RA30). 

Primary Light
1. Momentary on: with the light switched off, press and hold for High mode, and release to turn off
2. Constant on: rapid double click to turn on from the memorized mode*,
a) then click to cycle through Moon-Low-Med-High modes,
b) press for 0.5s to turn off.
*Mode memory: A mode working over 3 minutes then turn off.

A8UR (UV/Red/White)
1. UV & Red: rapid triple click to turn on the UV light,
a) Change modes: click to cycle through UV-Red-Red Beacon-Red Flash
b) Turn off: press for 0.5s
2. White: rapid quad click to turn on from low mode,
a) Change modes: click to cycle through Low-High
b) Turn off: press for 0.5s

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