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Sofirn BLF LT1 Lantern 8*LH351D with 4x 18650 batteries

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💡 LED: 8 x Samsung LH351D(4 x 5000K 90CRI + 4 x 2700K 90CRI) 
🔥 Max Output: 600 lumens
🖥️ UI:  By default the LT1 is set to use the SMOOTH RAMPING mode.
 STEPPED RAMPING mode is available if you prefer discrete brightness steps.
 MUGGLE mode simplifies the LT1’s UI & features to just on/off and smooth ramping. MUGGLE mode also reduces the maximum output level produced by the LT1 to reduce self heating.
 Electronic LOCKOUT mode keeps the LT1 from being turned on accidentally. LOCKOUT mode also provides a momentary low light when the button is pushed.
Firmware: The LT1 uses open source software called Andúril, distributed under the terms ofthe GPL v3.
🔘 Switch: Electronic Side Switch
🔦 Body Material: Aluminum with HA III anodizing
💧 Water Resistance: IPX7
⚖️ Weight : 405g without batteries
📏 Dimensions: 68 mm Ø head x 176 mm length
⚡ Charging: Integrated DC/DC buck charger via USB-C 
🔋 Battery:  Four button-top 18650 batteries included