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Wilcox L4 G24 NVG Mount(Clone) + Dual Unit Bridge Mount - NVG30 Bino Setup

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Combine two NVG30s on a bridge for a Dual Tube Bino Setup with our bridge mount kit. Both pieces are ultra durable made from aluminum alloy. This clone setup is far sturdier and more adjustable compared to the other bridge kit we sell and is compatible FAST Mount Helmets. Folding skeeter arms allow you to lift either tube(or both) out of the way when needed. You can remove either of the arms and run one monocular at a time too.Β Β 

The NVG30 includes dovetail adaptors which mate with the bridge. NVG30s and helmet not included. This mount is compatible with our Tan and Black Bump Helmets but not with our Fast Over the ear Helmet.

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