Expensive Digital vs Budget Tactical Night Vision Goggles - Sionyx Opsin vs NVG30

Expensive Digital vs Budget Tactical Night Vision Goggles - Sionyx Opsin vs NVG30

Today we’re going to be doing a head to head comparison between two of the most popular digital night vision devices, the Sionyx Opsin which is considered to be a high end monocular which the price recently dropped down to under $2,000 and NVG30 which represents the top end of performance for budget friendly Tactical Night Vision Goggles which is currently available for under $500. The Opsin is widely used in law enforcements and the shooting community and considered by many to be the best digital night vision device on the market and the NVG30 is widely considered to be the best entry level night vision on the market and offers much better performance compared to the nightfox prowl, the nvg10, night operators and other similar devices.  In this video we’ll be doing a tabletop comparison and testing them out side by side and to see if the OPSIN really is a superior unit like its hefty price tag suggests and how the NVG30 stacks up in terms of performance! 

There’s no question that the Sionyx Opsin is a better performing unit. The UI is more advanced, Field of view is wider, low light performance is better and the refresh rates are quicker. That being said, there is a significant price difference between these two devices and even with the price drop to $2000, it's still over $1500 more than the NVG30 and when you factor in a mount and decent helmet for the OPSIN the price gap continues to grow. While the NVG30 did fall short to the OPSIN in many aspects of performance, in most cases it wasn’t too far behind, and the performance might be good enough for you depending on your use cases. For close quarter tactical purposes, the advantage would definitely favor the Opsin but in most other outdoor mid to long range encounters, there would be very minimal advantages to the OPSIN. There are significant weight savings with the NVG30 which would make it more comfortable to helmet over extended periods of time and being able to swap batteries in and out in the field is another huge advantage over the OPSINs bulky battery configuration. It’s also much more feasible to use this device as a handheld monocular. For people new to night vision, the NVG30 is an exceptional entry level product and is a viable solution in most scenarios and most people I’ve talked to including other youtubers who have used this unit have been very impressed by its performance.  At the moment, if you have a few thousand dollars to spend getting into night vision, Analog might be a better option to go with over the opsin, but they are going up in price and if this continues, the OPSIN would look like a better and better option, and it is certainly more attractive at $2000. If you see yourself running and training under night vision more frequently, the OPSIN will provide a better experience, but if you can’t afford it, You can get an NVG30 and a helmet together under $600 which is a far more feasible expense for most people and it will give you pretty much all the same capabilities with only slight sacrifices in performance.

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