Night Operators Pro Max 2.0 vs NVG30 Cheap Digital Night Vision Battle

Night Operators Pro Max 2.0 vs NVG30 Cheap Digital Night Vision Battle

This is a comparison between two different digital night vision monoculars, the NVG30 from Good Nite Gear and the new Night Operators Max 2.0 and in this video we’ll put these devices head to head to see how they compare and see if the NVG30 is worth a few hundred dollars more or if the (Amazon Affiloate Link) Night Operators Max 2.0 is good enough for you. This video was requested my viewers and there’s really not much about night operators on youtube outside of Night Operators own channels and I really wanted to see how these devices stack up!

With the presence of supplemental IR lighting the performance of these two devices are also similar overall and they are both able to do a reasonably good job of observation in the dark in close quarter situations. Both of these devices have very minimal latency and they are both very similar in this department and some of the best in this regard in the budget price range and they are both significantly better than the nightfox prowl which I compared to the NVG30 and the NVG10 a few weeks ago and if you want to check that video out it will be linked to down below. 

Being able to zoom digitally is also a nice feature to have as it really helps with target identification and observation at long range so this is another nice advantage to the NVG30 so you’ll be able to see things with the NVG30 that you won’t with the Night Operators Max 2.0. The NVG30 also does a better job of separating ambient light from its surroundings and much less detail is lost in more well lit areas. 

The performance Night Operators 2.0  pretty much delivered what I was expecting. It performs decently for the price point and is not a bad unit if you have no issues running with IR lighting, however the performance with no IR lighting was fairly poor. It is lacking a lot in terms of basic functionality compared to many other digital monoculars on the market, but the field of view and clarity of the picture were better than anticipated. 

The NVG30 is a much better product overall and particularly better with no IR lighting. Many features in the UI do help to improve the user experience and being able to swap batteries in and out is a nice advantage the NVG30 has over many other digital units on the market.

You can pick up the NVG30 or the Night Operators Max 2.0 and support the channel using the affiliated links down below!

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