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NVG30 Bino Kit with L4 G24 Clone NVG Mount + Dual Unit Bridge Mount

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The ultimate digital night vision binocular setup! Check out our NVG30 Bino Bridge Kit. There are a lot of advantages to running a bino setup as opposed to a singular monocular and they are much better suited for activities like walking, running, shooting and driving. Binos offer Better depth perception and can be advantageous in tasks requiring precise movement and spatial awareness, such as navigation and target acquisition. By providing images to both eyes simultaneously, bino setups can also help to reduce eye strain during prolonged use which can enhance the users comfort and effectiveness over extended periods of time. 

Kit Includes the Following:
2x NVG30s
1x L4 G24 NVG Clone Mount + Dual Unit Bridge Mount

Helmet Add Ons:
Our Premium Bump Helmet (Black or Tan) made from thickened ABS can be added for $95. Best fit for small/medium head sizes.

*We also sell a similar bino kit with a more basic mount here!

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